Valentine's Bakery Case Bundle

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Introducing the Valentine's Bakery Case Bundle – a delightful collection curated exclusively for bakery owners looking to infuse love into their sweet creations. This bundle includes 3 lbs of Valentine's Sprinkles (1lb Stupid Cupid, 1lb Cupid's Arrow, 1lb Valentine's Nonpareils), adding a burst of color and romance to your treats. Complementing the sprinkles are 150 edible cupcake toppers that effortlessly elevate the presentation of your cupcakes. To complete the package, we've included 200 royal icing decorations (100 Chocolate Covered Strawberries & 100 Red and Pink Hearts), perfect for adding a touch of artistry to your baked goods. Elevate your bakery's Valentine's Day offerings with this carefully crafted bundle, ensuring every bite is a celebration of love and sweetness.